We have a selection of resources available for state funded schools and STEM Ambassadors in the North East to borrow and use with students or staff to promote STEM.

Take a look at these exciting new resources as part of our “Kit Club” scheme, that can help enhance and inspire STEM education within schools. You can book these kits through the website or alternatively get in touch The kits are available to hire for a max of 6 weeks, and each school/person can hire 2 kits per school.

Please be aware we work on first come first served basis. For certain items we have more than 1 kit.

The kits are by collection only from our Sunderland Office. Collection and returns are currently available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am-5pm.



You can get your hands on these fantastic book boxes, and loan them free of charge. The boxes are packed full of fantastic books to inspire your pupils in the wonderful world of STEM.



The team here at the North East STEM Hub have developed a range of STEM activities that you can do at home or in your classroom. Each activity comes with a list of equipment needed and full instructions on how to conduct your inspiring STEM activity. 

Air Zookas

Air Zookas deliver a blast of air across a room by simply trapping air and then firing it forward.

Balloon Hovercraft

Make your very own balloon hover craft with nothing more than an old CD, sports cap drinks bottle, Blu-tack and a balloon.

Balloon Kebabs

Can you get a kebab stick through a balloon without popping it? Is it possible? Give it a try with this experiment guide.

Balloon Powered Car

Can you make your very own balloon powered car. Use this handy guide to help you propel your hand made vehicle.

Bath Bombs

Create your very own Bath bomb and make bath time more fun and exciting whilst exploring the science behind the chemical reaction.

Bouncing Custard Balls

How to make custard bounce. Follow this simple guide to make bouncy custard balls, and find out the science behind it.

Bubble Art

Get creative and paint some beautiful artwork whilst exploring the science behind Bubble art with this handy guide.

Cartesian Diver

Explore the principle of buoyancy with the Cartesian diver classic science experiment using nothing more than an empty pop bottle, a bendy straw and Blu Tack


Can you make your very own catapult using some elastic bands, a spoon and some old lollipop sticks?

Cork Raft Challenge

Can you ‘rescue’ a family of 4 by building a raft which will keep them floating safely on the top of the water.

Cornflour Slime

Make your own safe and easy cornflour slime whilst learn about the science behind the reaction in the cornflour.

Dancing Raisins

How can you make a raisin dance? All you need is a small plastic bottle, sparkling water, a funnel and some raisins.

Design And Build A Helicopter

Make your own helicopter with one a piece of paper, paper clips and a pair of scissors!

Duck Cup

How can you make a cup sound like a duck? All you need is a plastic cup, some string, a pair of scissors and a wet cloth!

Egg Drop Challenge

Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a height onto the ground. Take on our egg drop challenge!

Fake Snow

Want to have snow all year round? Make some fake snow and watch it grow!


Make your own flubber and find out if it bounces back into shape after you stretch it out. Does it bounce on the table?

Go Fish

Make your own fishing game and go against your friends!

Homemade Ice Cream

Make your own ice cream without a freezer or fridge! You just need some milk, vanilla essence, sugar, salt, ice and some Ziploc bags!

Homemade Lemonade

Make your own lemonade with bubbles and enjoy a refreshing drink!

Homemade Volcano

Create your own mini volcano with a plastic bottle, a tray, some vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid and some bicarbonate of soda!

How Does It Work?

Get your brain engaged and use this activity to question how things work!

Jelly And Oil Challenge

Take on our Jelly and Oil challenge! Can you move one cube of jelly from one place to another? What challenges are you facing?

Lava Lamps

Would you like to make your own Lava Lamp? All you need is a plastic bottle, some vegetable oil, some food colouring, Seltzer tablets, a funnel, a pipette and some water!

Lollipop Stick Harmonica

Make your own musical instrument with some straw, lollipop sticks and some elastic bands!

Marble Run

Construct your own marble run and challenge your friends to see whose marble will reach the bottom first!

Mentos And Coke

What happens when you add Mentos to coke? Lets find out!

Newspaper Tower Challenge

Are you ready to take on the challenge? How high can you build a newspaper tower?

Pizza Box Solar Oven

Have a empty pizza box lying around? Make a pizza box solar oven with us!

Red Cabbage Indicator

Make your very own red cabbage indicator and see how the colour changes when added to different liquids!

Slinky Sounds

What sounds do a slinky make? What does is sound like? How does the sound travel?

Spaghetti Towers

Are you up for the challenge? How high can you build a freestanding spaghetti tower? All you need is some spaghetti and marshmallows!

Stop Animation

Grab a phone, find your stars and make your very own movie with stop animation!

Straw Through A Potato

Can you punch a hole through a potato using only a straw?

Sun Dial

Make your own sun dial and tell the time using only a paper plate, a pencil and a felt tip or bio!

Traffic Lights

Can you replicate a traffic light in a test tube? Make your own with a test tube, food colouring, sugar, some cups and pipettes!

Vitamin C Rockets

Create and launch your own rocket and challenge your friends to see whose can go the highest!


Create your own vortex in a bottle with a connector, two empty plastic bottles, some duct tape and water!

Whirly Tubes

Make some noise with whirly tubes! What is the science behind it?

Wind Turbine

Make your own wind turbine! All you need is an A4 sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, a ruler and a kebab stick!

Yeast Balloons

Using yeast, sugar and water, you can blow up balloons. (It might take a little longer than the usual methods!)



We are always on the lookout for exciting resources to help inspire young people into the world of STEM. Below are activities and resources which have been developed by our partners and external organisations.

Engineering For Families

Engineering for Families is a six-week teacher-led after school club for families, with everything you need to deliver the course in your school.

Learn How To Draw Artemis!

Looking for a fun STEAM activity for the long weekend? Look no further! Get your pencils at the ready and learn how to #DrawArtemis